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[quote=jagsfanincanada]Domanick Davis, our shtty tackling and our shtty offense beat us. QUOTE]

Ok... Did I miss something here... Bevis (thats you Jagsfanincanada) just told us his team has ummmm poor defense (tackling) and poor offense... He is basicly agreeing we are the better team this year.... he has seen the light.

Congrats Jagsfanincanada, you have passed the test of reality. Good Job!

Oh, Fred was out excuse dont cut it btw. He is one man and he does not make your entire team... We had Coleman, and a few others out... We are not yelling "If Coleman would have been in, you would have lost 40 to 0." Quoting Rumsfield here - You go to battle with what you have. You did... you lost.... Game and discussion OVER>
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