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Originally Posted by infantrycak
Well you are really going to hate CBS's power rankings then:


Somehow winning against a "better" team moved the Hags down from 8 to 13 AND moved the Texans down from 17 to 20. Yeah, that makes sense.
I just don't get it. Sure, these things don't mean anything. But it's a great measuring tool to see how the national media respects the teams.
HOW DOES A TEAM shut out a team that is viewed (according to said media) as a TOP 10 TEAM, and then slip down 3 spots!?

I believe an honest ranking would put us right in the middle. We can beat anyone any week...and are also capable of laying bad performances like in Denver. But to drop us 3 slots after we performed the way we did against the Jags is a complete joke.

Even if we smoke the Browns and end the season on a 3 game win-streak, I can bet the only coverage on the Texans this summer will simply say "This is the 4th year for Capers, now or never". In stead of looking at the job Capers & crew have done since 2002 and seeing that the plan is right on schedule.

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