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Originally Posted by pike
Um...I don't think the Texans own the Jaguars at all. It's easy to win a game when the other team lays down for ya the way the Jaguars obviously did. If the Jaguars had taken the Texans as seriously as they did the Packers, it would have been a very different story and an ugly day in Texan land.

Clearly the Texans and their fans want a rivalry with the Jaguars. They want to feel respected but they won't get it. Jaguars have their rivalry in Tennessee and Indy. Nobody wants to consider the lowly Texans their rivalry. I have a feeling the Texans are in for one heck of an embarrassing defeat at the hands of the Jaguars next season. The Jaguars will put the Texans out to pasture the same way they did that washed up, big mouthed Gary Walker.

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