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I tried to open an account on the Jags message board but for some reason the link on the email confirmation they sent wasn't working.(I'd contact one of their admins but from what I was reading on their board, Jag fans are kinda hard to find) So I'll just post something here.

BritJag wrote: My question is: Where the fork did Carr get all this disrespect **** from?
Lets see if we can't answer her question.

BritJag wrote: Why don't you tell of the disrespect by the Jags being shown toward your lousy team
This is quoted from the same thread just 30 minutes prier to being asked. My my, what short memories Jags have.

TEAM TEAL wrote: it's ironic that we were saying the same stuff last year, now we are overlooking teams inferior to us
btw 41 > 6 in the same way 0 < 20

Pixeldust wrote: I don't know, there's just something about Carr that causes me to not have any respect for him. In fact, I have a dislike for him. Something sleazy about him
Maybe its his strong religious beliefs or his devotion to his wife and family. Maybe its the positive game attitude he brings to the game and his team. I don't live in Jacksonville so I wont pretend to know what your coaches teach your players. I just know what has been written by others. link


ok, this is getting boring but most of the thread is full of people asking to see the "lack or respect" while calling us losers at the same time.

But before I go I would just like to give a tip to all those Jag fans out there for next season.

1) Bring some cardboard cut-outs, like they use in Hollywood. Each fan will need at least 2 cut-outs and place one to each side and maybe it'll look like you have real fans.

2) If you attempt tip 1 be sure to pipe in a cheer track (Same as a laugh track, also used in Hollywood) so your "fans" can be almost as loud as Texan fans.

3) Don't forget to bring a back-up Texans jersey. You never know when you might want to root for the winning team.
'I can see the carrot at the end of the tunnel.'
-- Stuart Pearce

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