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A significant change would be a star player that can change a team. TO or Kearse for example. Or bring in a new Offensive Coordinator. One that has a proven record, not a record of failure. Replacing ineffective offensive linemen with equally ineffective offensive linemen is no improvement. Not to mention that the Texans make so many elementary mistakes. Fundamentals is the primary responsibility of the coaching staff on any level and that is supposed to be the main focus of the Capers system. But yet they fail miserably at it. The improvement in the Texans record this season only reflects the impact of the draft, nothing further. For you to imply that there is something wrong with my attitude of change it now because you will have to change it at some point anyway, is very unintelligent. Keep in mind, outside of the Jags, what good teams did we beat this season? None, and the Jags are still in doubt. They can still finish without a winning record. There is no real improvement to show after three seasons. Improvement is the playoffs. Anything less at this point is failure. It's time to make real changes. Three years is more than enough time to see that the system doesn't work.
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