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"Even IF our team had made the playoffs, it would probably have been a first round blowout."

D.B & all those who keep saying IF the Texans made the playoffs, they'd be blown out, I must ask if the 2003 season eluded you?!

You see...on November 2, 2003...we BEAT the NFC champions!
And on November 23, 2003 we took the SUPERBOWL-CHAMPS to overtime in a heartbreaker.

So what makes everyone think that the Texans would just roll-over. We're not the jags!

And it's proven the 2004 squad is much improved over our 2003 squad.

The fact is...The Houston Texans are gamers (unlike the ill-fated Oilers).

When it matters, you gotta know that Capers and crew will bring it 110%
And 2005 should prove that we'll bring it EVERY game, not just when we're faced with a challenge.
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