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Anytime that you spend money for services or products, it is an investment. I'm sorry that many of you are not able or willing to see that, but it is still the case. And for the guy who said that buying a car is not an investment, then what is it. Do you not use it to go to work and get groceries and the like? Do you not get substantial value out of it? Of coarse a car is an investment just like season tix or a steak dinner or even a hair cut. If the services that were rendered to you were of insufficient quality you have a right to request satisfaction. That's how things work in a free market. My position is no different. I just want all of the games to be entertaining and have some meaning late in the season and to win key games when it counts. If you think that my statement about the organization caring more about appearances than wins was out of line, then tell me this, what have the Texans organization done anything outside of the draft to improve this team over 3 losing season? Significant coaching changes? No! Significant free agent signings? No! Any changes to philosophy? No! Any improvement of any kind in that manner? No! Raise ticket prices for an inferior product? YES! All I want is for them to improve the team, by whatever means is necessary. Talent only goes so far. The coaching is what guides the talent, especially young talent. Coaching has not lived up to it's responsibility and the philosophy, for the most part, has not worked. If the game against the Jags was Dom Caper's system working like it was blueprinted to work, then we are in big trouble, because the Jags were in the game until very late, and they played a terrible game with key players out. If a few things had gone differently yesterday, everyone on these boards would be in a bad mood because it could have been another disappointing loss. But when the Texans win, everybody forgets that they still have big issues with the offense, and like it or not those problems don't go away just because you won one game basically only with the defense.
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