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Originally Posted by Fiddy
Its always the system or other players or other defenses. With you thinking, Terrell Davis is overrated. Got to the Hall of Fame because of the Denver system. Got 2000 yards because of the Denver system.
Did Terrell Davis get into the Hall of Fame? I didn't know that. I thought he didn't have enough productive seasons to make it in.

Clinton Portis was the best college running back the Broncos have drafted in ages. He did very well in college. He will be a star for Washington too.

The Broncos' "system" only accounts for so much. You have to have some semblance of talent too. T. Davis would have done well elsewhere after his Denver years if he hadn't had that career-ending condition. Now Olandis Gary was a product of the system. He had a 1000 yard rookie season and hasn't been heard of since.
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