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Originally Posted by BuffaloDemon
Awsome game Houston. I didn't expect such an effort from you guys, but you guys impressed me alot. You could have just layed down and died, but you gave it all. I respect that in a team. Your future is very bright with Johnson and Carr. Thank you so much and best of luck to you guys next season.
You guys keep your heads up high, you have a very nice team and will be a force to compete with in the future. Thanks again for doing us a HUGE favor !!
Thanks for your good wishes. You may have meant well, however I find your words an insult.
Apparently you are not familiar with the Texans. Reminds me of the parent patting a little kid on the head for overachieving and doing something totally out of their range of ability.
You may hold the Jaguars in awe for some unexplained reason, but the Texans never have.
And for sure the Jaguars greatness continues to elude me!
Reality.. Texans rule Jaguars and have since Day 1 of our franchise.
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