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Default Texans Impressions from your resident Seahawk fan

I know how much ALL of you are DYING to hear my opinions on your team

Once again, the 1pm EST start time thing let me watch your team play. Your O-line did not look as bad as I have seen them play on other occasions, but I must say that your D really had some fire. Now, Byron isn't exactly Manning or Favre, and there was no Freddy out there, but still an impressive effort none-the-less. Carr didn't impress me yesterday, other than on a few throws. The nice TD toss to AJ was well thrown, but what were the Jags thinking leaving AJ in man coverage that close to the endzone, and I didn't see any safety support. I think you have a solid, though not spectacular receiver corps outside of AJ. If you had a burner to complete him, you guys could be lethal on O. If nothing else, it would open up more running lanes for DD, who looked like the franchise back that he is today.

Back to the O-line, usually the weakest link of your team. While they played well, they were far from upper echelon, and DD was still getting hit too early on many running plays, and in the back field more than I would like to see. As you may have noticed, if he can get in the second level of D coverage, he does a lot of damage. Carr looked average at best. While I think he managed the game well overall, he made some ill advised throws, and played way below his potential. This could have to do with the Jags D though, as they played pretty solid, really only giving up 14 points to you. You D...*whistles*, fast, aggressive, swarming to the ball....probably the best I can recall them looking. I'd give them a solid "A" for today, and give your offense a "B" as Carr did not look overly special, and the O-line still let DD get hit on the wrong side of the line too much. Just my two cents....but enjoy the win guys, you looked good on Sunday...this should be a sign of things to come.
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