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All I can say is that after almost 3 full seasons, we're still waiting on the Texans offense to be productive for an entire game. They haven't done that once in their 3 years under Palmer and they scored only twice today. The defense put up half as many points as the offense did. That is truly pathetic. The offense also put the defense in some tough spots today, but fortunately they were able to work thru it. The defense has come thru many many times over the past 3 seasons and today's win belongs to the defense. The offense did just enough to give the defense some room to work, but it wasn't because of the play calling that's for darn sure. Talent is the only thing that the Texans offense has going for it and until they dump Palmer, that will likely always be the case. As I stated early, any average OC can generate that much scoring with the talent that the Texans offense puts on the field. We need an above average coaching staff if we expect to win. We certainly don't have that right now on offense, instead we have the below average Chris Palmer running our team into the ground. I'm starting to think that Wolf must be either related to Chris Palmer or is Chris Palmer himself, because even after 3 pathetic offensive seasons he still defends him for no logical reason.
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