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Today's win was great, but it was a result of the Texans best defensive effort in franchise history. Offense did their part, for the most part, but their performance still leaves something to be desired. One game does not make a franchise and the Texans have to build a much more cohesive offensive philosophy before the team will experience any true degree of success. The problems with the O-line are in large part, a failure of the philosophy(bad schemes), not necessarily the personnel. They are also still making too many elementary mistakes. They were just lucky that the Jags did not do a great job capitalizing on them today. IMHO, Palmer still needs to be sent packing. Any average OC would have been able to produce the offensive results that the Texans had today, because the talent is there. Taking a look at the big picture, the coaching is still a detriment, even if it wasn't today.
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