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The astro dome was empty the last season. Yes it was after the fans had been told of the move but if you loved the team and its players you still show support to the bitter end even if they are going to move. Make your protest at the games by not hitting up the concession stands but remember the real reason you went to those games was to watch the team you love not route for the city or its owner.

Before you go spouting off again with a post that hold no facts at all and just is meant to push out your chest maybe you should look at the real fact. This "conflict" you call it came about because Adams wanted a new stadium and out of the Astro Dome. Mayor McCheese would not even let it be put to a vote and said the city would not spend the money on the stadium. McCheese was but hurt because the fans/city were still paying for upgrade that were made to the dome a few years prior. Adams looked else where and was offered a new stadium and a bunch of hungry fans.

When it is all said and done if the mayor had put the proposal to the people and it passed the tax would have been less then the current tax funding Reliant. Actually understanding your side of the argument helps allot here and marking someone as "looking foolish" just because you did not understand what there were talking about does not make you look so bright.

Raider fans want the Raiders but not Al Davis, but since he is forking out the money and is the owner what are you going to do. Either you like the team or you don't the owner can make mistakes but it is still your team.
I do know the facts, the facts are the feud was long started before the stadium debate. I don't need some Cali dude to try to tell me something I lived though. And as far as going to the games I was not about to line that horses Azz pockets with any of my hard earned money knowing this team was gone. Do some more research and then come back to me and try to dispute my FACTS!!!! And make it worth my while and try to have some of your own.
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