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Please, you want to get off your soap box for a sec so I can speak my peice?

Surprisingly not all fans of the Titans just became fans as the Titans moved. Some, like myself, enjoyed watching Moon and the Oilers. I remember the run and shoot days and the debacle vs Buffalo.

Being from CA I have no tie to the location of the team. If the fans don't want to goto the games or build a new stadium and they lose there team who's fault is that? When ticket prices go up do you still pay or do you protest? If you will pay the increase what was wrong with the increase just being a tax? I know I know blah blah blah about the retro to the Astro Dome, but why spend a ton of money on Reliant just a few years later that ended up costing more then Adams proposal? I know "y'all" were hurt by the decision but in hind site wouldn't it have been better to keep your team in town and save money in the process instead of starting over with another team? To keep the history, the colors, the team ..... almost seems like a cut off your nose to spite your face things but that is just my opinion on the matter.
A lil history for ya. First of all keep the colors they were gay then and still are as you wear them. The reason the Oilers left was not because of lack of fan support it was a personal conflict between Adams and the Mayor of Houston at the time. so before you try to attack US FANS maybe you ought to learn all your facts. That way you don't look so foolish. And to answer your question, yea we wanted to keep the Oilers. Just not Bud Adams.
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