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For a Texans fan board you sure do show allot of admiration for the Titans/Oilers organization. We appreciate it. In a way, allot of you are like the lost children to the Titans.

Your misconception is believing that any admiration of the memories of the Oilers has anything to do with Tennessee. We were rooting on OUR team in those days while Tennesseeians were still marrying their brothers, sisters, and cousins. Those memories happened here and ya'll just adopted them like some poor child in a bad divorce. You can rant and rave about Earls records being yours, the history of Moon and all of that.... BUT it's just words because you didn't live or feel all the emotions at the time. Hell you probably don't even know about the 2 AFL championships that the HOUSTON Oilers had. And to our satisfaction the real OILERS!!!! Campbell, Bum, Mauck wouldn't have anything to do with your lil football tribute that Bud "Azz" Adams orchestrated.
You ever heard the saying getting treated like a red headed step-child? Learn it and learn it well, because that will be the feeling down deep in the pit of your stomach after the games with us. And I will love every minute of it.
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