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Originally Posted by keyfro
portis not overrated...come on he's be running behind one of the better o-lines in the country and his division as some of the worst run-stopping defenses in the league...and shannahan is known for making mediocre runningbacks 1,000yd's the system...which is the same reason i have t.o as being overrated...he's in a west cost style offense...his division doesn't have the best db's around...don't get me wrong they are both very good and probably the top five of at their position maybe they aren't overrated but they are definetly overhyped
Its always the system or other players or other defenses. With you thinking, Terrell Davis is overrated. Got to the Hall of Fame because of the Denver system. Got 2000 yards because of the Denver system.

Was the reason Carr threw for over 4000 yards and 40 TDs his senoir system because of the system or because of skill?

Was it the system that allowed TO to make that unbelievable TD off of the end around 2 years ago. Remember that play. TO moves in motion from left to right, Garcia hands the ball of to TO, TO is looking to pass, no one open downfield, makes one DE miss, then makes a LB miss, takes the ball upfield, cuts across the field right to left, breaks a couple of more tackles and runs in for the 30 TD. That is not the "system." That is skill and talent.

Now some of it is the system, but you cant give all the credit in the world to the "system." That means no one deserves any credit. Portis has 3000 yards rushing over 2 year, 3000 yards. We barley got in total offense our inagural year. A guy has to make the system work. If it is the system, they why cant the 49ers have the same offensive success with Dorsey and Woods that they had with Garcia and TO.

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