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Originally Posted by Lucky
As far as trick plays are concerned, that RB option pass by Mack in the 4th quarter of the Jax game still burns in my gut. That was a indefensibly stupid call on Palmer's part that could have cost the Texans the game. A trick play on occasion can keep a defense on their toes and force them to play honest. No team employs these type plays better than New England. But they can't be a staple of a NFL offense and there is a right and wrong time to break them out.
I agree with this statement. I don't want to see every other play down the field or a trick play. However the holding back of the offense has hurt Carr's development. Teams schemed for the limited plays the Texans called last year. The Texans were playing against defenses that knew what play was coming. If they open up the offense and allow Carr change the play at the line then better things will happen. Last year when carr saw a defense he did not like his play was always wither Davis off tackle or draw. When teams heard him change the play they were licking their chops. This year Capers will turn Palmer loose and Carr will be one of the top three QB's in the NFL.
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