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Originally Posted by Yankee_In_TX View Post
Let's not forget the thread started here: 2 tickets are for his daughters.

I never intended for my post to be a "give 'em here instead" kinda deal. I was gonna put up a post asking too, but got beat. I didn't want to post a duplicate thread either.

The sweetheart in my avatar would like to go too, but she said she'll skip it if it means one of the other kids gets to go. Thats all from her. She refuses to spend any money she earns but would give anyone every cent she had if she thought they needed it.

Just hopin' to do some good with some youngsters that could use a break.

Thanks For Considering It

P.S. 4 tix is all I could use as thats all the extra seatbelts we have in Ma's ride.
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