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Some guys are down on Palmer. I like him. He is optimistic and creative. He is the best guy for the job and has a stellar record to boot. Players like and respect him and he is as straight up as they get. He'll say it right to you.

Accept some resumes that are floating out there right now at the college and NFL level and find a better candidate for offensive coordinator. Who is more qualified? Someone quoted the stats from Jacksonville in 97-99, I think that those numbers stand for themselves. Capers and Casserly know what he is capable of with the right mix - *that* is why he is our OC right.

We are going into our 3rd year. We are still coming out of infancy and just reaching 'toddlerhood'. There are teams with more superbowl wins under their belt then we have in seasons. This is a tough hill to climb. How do we compete with a team that is 20 years old? Tampa didn't win many games for a long time and only in recent years have been successful. I think that some analysts now see them as a legitimate contender Some people point out that CP did not accomplish much with the Browns when he was there. That is just crazy talk. Weren't they a new franchise at the time too? Plus he was the head coach not the offensive coordinator - He has a different role with the Texans then he did with the Browns.

The offensive players on the Texans are also the guys that Palmer scouted for a full year prior to the 2002 Draft and put in his influence throughout the selection process. These are his guys. This is essentailly his baby and a project that he is ready to show more of what it can do.
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