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Originally Posted by Lucky
BTW, where did you see Chris Palmer and the word genius together in the same sentence?
Originally Posted by
Baltimore, with the 26th-ranked offense, hired the latest "genius," Minnesota coordinator Brian Billick, as head coach. Billick guided the Vikings to the highest points total in league history, but he doesn't have those kinds of tools here.

Coach Chris Palmer, like Billick an offensive mastermind, eventually will turn to top overall pick Tim Couch at quarterback.
When the Texans hired Palmer everyone said he was a great offensive mind. They said his mistake was trying to move from offense to head coach. He was supposed to be one of the best offensive coordinators in the league. The problem is the Texans did not have the talent therefore he had problems. Now on the trick plays. The problem with 1st and more then 10 draws is that the Texans were not surprising anyone. They did it consistantly. Capers limited the offense because he wanted to give the defense the chance to win games. Now he will let Palmer run those trick plays and watch what happens when defensive ends have to saty home to protect against the reverse. Watch when defensive backs have to cover everyone coming out of the backfield (including the QB) and therefore are not as effective on run support. Those trick plays are valuable wheather they gain a lot of yards or not. They are more valuable for the situations they put the defense in then they are for scores or yardage. The Offense without trick plays is like the defense without stunts. Neither can be effective without them. No I don't expect the Rams. But I do expect explosiviness in the offense. The offense will be a threat to score on every play.
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