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Originally Posted by Hervoyel
One reason I'd like to see the Texans beat the Jags is that I'd like to see them play well and win in a game where the other team has a very powerful motive to beat the Texans. There's a lot on the line for the Jags in this game. Another loss hurts their playoff chances badly. The Texans also provide an opponent that's beaten Jacksonville once this season so there's plenty of motivation to want to send an "L" back to Houston. How the Texans perform this Sunday will say a lot about what kind of state they're in and how far along they've come.

Then, if the Texans get a win in Jacksonville we get to see how they play against an opponent that will in all likelyhood be given no chance of beating Houston at home. The Browns look to have already packed their bags this season so the Texans should be feeling pretty good about that game. I want to see how they play following a big win against an opponent they will probably percieve as an easy win.

So far we haven't seen them fare well against the "easy" wins, particularly after big games so the scenario for the last two games is interesting to me. They've also not done well in December over the last couple of years (last season they put some tough performances up but lost) and I'd like to see them end a season on a high note for a change.

speaking of that have we ever won a game we were supposed to ?? Ok i feel like a REAL die hard fan now, since i'm the ONLY one on the site on christmas day but that not suprising, since most have family to spend xmas with ! Well Merry Christmas to all my friends/ fans on this site, and may the new year bring you all happiness ! AND A TEXANS WINNING SEASON AT .500 (good enough for me)
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