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Originally Posted by Joe Texan

I wonder if LA is seeing what I see. I believe they could get a few more people in the stands.

Wahts up Paul you listening

You obviously haven't followed the history of L.A.They've had two franchises in the past, both times being one of the biggest markets in the U.S,they both failed even with winning teams

Right now the owners want to gamble on one of the biggest markets, around 15M,my guess is three times is a charm to them.IF,they make it,the money going into the owners of the other teams by revenue sharing would be figured out of this world and my guess is the owners are drooling.

My guess would be N.O going with the latest fall out within the city the last couple of weeks.

Far as us,we are a small market team,reducing seats by 10K should have been done years ago

But i'm not here to run smack,good luck to your team Sunday.It should be another close game and another good one.
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