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Frankly I am dissapointed in the Texans this season. After playing us earlier I had hopes for them. I know you guys are diehards but it must be hard to see that they went through the season without any quality wins, except the sole victory over the Jags...the only team with a winning record they topped...thanks in part to the Jags' best player Fred Taylor on the sideline and Leftwich playing the last 3 quarters with a torn lcl.

With wins over Titans twice, Bears, Chiefs, and Raiders, its no surprise that they are underdogs in this coming game and have failed to get the respect that Carr and Dom so grave. When you only manage to oust the league's worst teams this just don't get props...deservedly so.

Jacksonville beat Indy on their turf, Green Bay in Lambeau, Bills in Bufalo and Denver amongst fans that what you want to see...that your boys can play the big dawgs and win...not just compete.

Leftwich is only in his 2nd year and has proven that he can face the most abrasive conditions and still come out victorious. He has 15 TDs to Carr's 13 and 8 ints to Carr's 12. And he missed 2 games this season. You be the judge on who's made more strides to becoming a true star in the league.

Jags lost to one mediocre team in Titans and 1 average team in Texans that dropped us to 6 Ls and that's something they have to work on to become a consistent winner. The 4 other losses to San Diego, Indy, Vikings and Steelers is telling...considering these are division winners already heading to the playoffs. Vikes' division is still undecided but you get my drift.

I respect your team and cherish your WR trio but I'm comforted to see that the Jags proved this year that right now they are in a different level to up and comers like your texans. May the better team win on Sunday with no injuries to either party. Trust me we are all too aware of the pesky Texans so nobody is thinking this is going to be a cake walk.

No smack was intended in this post...rather, I expressed my opinions. Good luck next year and hopefully you'll show show true strides...not just by upping your win totals but by ousting contenders to become one. Go Jags!!
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