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But, his demeanor seemed on the edge of being arrogant, and Bob Allen (whom I don't always agree with) at one point asked him to "in the future, don't refer to yourself in the 3rd person)
to everyone thinking along these lines, i have a little advice on how to percieve dunta and his third person reference. if i remember correctly, in the interview in question, the stimuli to dunta's comment was gary walker coming up behind bob allen and dunta during the interview and interjecting something like "if he don't go to the pro-bowl, who should?" or "you can see him in hawaii". sorry im not gonna dig up the exact qoute but im confident it was along those lines. well after g-funk made the comment, dunta responded in an impromtu fashion by saying "dunta robinson for pro-bowl".

well anyone who has been around athlete's or been an athlete (i fill both criteria) knows good natured confidence v selfish arrogance. if gary walker hadn't said anything im sure the interview would have been a bunch of ambiguous "we're staying focused/getting ready/excited about a win" comments by dunta and his million dollar smile. but since g-funk said something, it brought the "locker room" atmosphere into the interview and dunta made a good natured, confident statement that has the trapping of an arrogant statement superficially.

the biggest, most telling sign of a selfish athlete is exposed by his on field play. football is one of the best "character filters", if you will, and i haven't seen anything that remotely ressembles in a "me, me, me" player in dunta. not only does he do his job (very well might i add) but he is emerging as a defensive spark and quite possibly a leader, with a few more seasons under his belt. both positions on a team are rarely filled by selfish individuals. just my take, tryin' to defend my boy d-rizzle, and make sure all the "p.c."-ness of bob allen's response isn't taken seriously at all in skewing peoples views.
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