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Even though Dre can be that Moss/Owens receiver, and we should turn him into just that, we have to open up the offense more first. He'll be much more dangerous once we have so many weapons and options that they can't focus on him too much. Look at Indy. Peyton can get everyone on offense that's eligible a touch on the ball. Now when you think of the Colts you think Manning, Harrison, but so many of their players get the ball. When I heard this Sunday that Edgerrin James is the leagues #1 rusher I was like what!? Mmhmm... yeah, yeah he is. The thing is you wouldn't know that because of the passing. Think about how we have won games with Andre, but then look at the games when Jabbar got a TD, J. Wells, Billy, D. Davis, and even Corey Brad, like last week. That's right, keep smiling at your screen because I know that's what you're doing right now. It's a beautiful thing isn't it? So if we can mix all that up, and hopefully like I said before, use more 3 wide or 4 wide sets, maybe a little more Shotgun, that's when Andre can get loose. I still think Moran Norris should be running on short downs and getting a few passes thrown to him. I might even want to see Davis and Wells in a dual HB type of set like a Pro form, but hey as long as we win...
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