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[quote=Jagsbch]Here's how it works, most DC's double Jimmy virtually the whole game, thats pretty much been the story ever since Keenan left. They leave the rest of the pack of nobodies that Byron has to throw to one on one or in zone coverage. Byron is hitting 9-10 receivers a week.

Now that the players are getting dialed into the system Byron is able to utilize more of Bill Musgraves ingenious offense, as players are actually where they are supposed to be. This means Jimmy might see more single coverage in the future, as Byron is proving that all he needs is a body to throw too, not a #.

Ephram Sallaam, was picked up this season, he's a vet who's been around the block, he was even surprised at just how complicated our offensive game plan was. One of the reasons it's taken our offense so long to be a collective unit is because a lot of the players were not on the same page as Byron. It will be another year before we see, what this offense is actualy capable of IMO, this offense is still in second gear.

The reason why I posted this thread is to show just how underrated one of the best WR's to ever play the game was, even to fans in his own division. You all ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

Jimmy Smith 2 7.14%
Andre Johnson 26 92.86%
Voters: 28.

NO! This is how it really works. Jagsbch is a real tool. He was bounced from for being an i-d-iot. The ONLY thing I can agree with him is, Jimmy Smith is one of the best WR in the game today. I don't care if he his 35. Chris Mcallester (sp) said Jimmy was the hardest WR he ever had to cover. If he gets one on one with DRob, Jimmy will be taking him to school.

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