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Firstly, a big raspberry for Diapher for her crafty dig at my splendiferous use of vocabulary...... !!

May I remind new and old on this board that I, a pure and unsullied Brit, am the only one here to use The Queen's English correctly.

As to improving this 'new' place - I would like to see the return of the function that let you view all your posts (and hence any replies) from the 'profile' section.

I also believe that more nudity is in order, though I concede that that titbit (pun intended) may be more about me than you cared to know!!

Could I also point out that my office wall remains stubbornly calendar-free and bereft of cheerleaders! You know who you are.................. !

Carry on.
"Back Once Again..Like A Renegade Master!"

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