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Yeah, mesg is long but that is ok. You have a lot to say & seem interested in learning. If the General Mgrs make errors in selections so can we. I tend to agree with you that a specific need at high profile position (QB, wr, ol & dl, cb)starter should go with highest pick. Our first 2 years, Casserly grabbed players but as mentioned, he traded up to 1st round to get Babin- high profile pass rusher. Capers has said that 3rd rounder has 50% chance of making team and it drops fast from there.

Of course, intangibles and that certain guy who drops in your lap that no other team seems to have noticed(maybe they did but know something you don't) play a part. Wand is example. If he had not been coached by Capers @ seniors bowl, Texans would not have known him. Our problem: 1. D'line= Is Walker over hill with banged up body? Is Robaire Smith going to pick it up next year? Is Seth Payne gone as a Free Agent as I saw on another Post? I was hoping a Marcus Spears type ( if available) would strengthen team. If Payne gone, he would have to step in & would we be any better?
2. O'line= I am still guessing. Is it Wand & Pitts or blocking scheme? Do we try to strengthen with 2nd round or pray the rosary? 3.RB: Davis gets 1000 2nd year row and it's obvious we need a "grinder". 4.Bradford will be gone, has Armstrong shown enough to be #2 WR?

Barring injuries last 2 games, my picks for 05: 1. Best DT 2. Second best DT 3A. from Cowboys for Hensen best O.T. 3B best CB or WR 4,5,6,7 if we have, then trade up for higher pick and get best player available (a power back?)

Merry Christmas,y'all!
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