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Play To Win
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I know some of you guys hate the Titans and probably won't give me any credit for saying this but I will say it.

Remember, The Titans picked Vince Young. Vince Young didn't pick the Titans. From what I've read, Vince Young said a long time ago, that he wanted to play for the Texans. It's not Vince Young's fault that he isn't with your team. I know you want him to fail but surely you can give the guy some credit. Vince has amazing work ethic that one can admire. He wants to win and when he loses, he really takes the loss hard.

I can't believe that some people want to give Pacman Jones all the credit. That is crazy! It takes a team to win and one player can't win the game alone. I really think Vince Youngs contagious "Play to win" attitude rubbed off on his teammates. I think Vince motivates his team to play hard and not to give up.

Vince isn't the best quarterback ever but I think, in time, he will be a really great quarterback. That is just my opinion.

I ignore Overalls comments because it is the same stuff he posts over at titansonline. It get's old and there is no place for it. We don't have a smack section on that board but he feels the need to make his petty comments known all over the board. Whatever.

I really like the new place here much better than the old one.
Good luck to your team this season
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