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Funny about the Braveheart reference... Not really where I was going with that, but it was in response to both Overalls and Vinny's sparring... Again, that was kinda funny!!

If you read into the meaning of my post, you will see that its not much different than your post to Overalls (just from a different angle -or- approach)... I realize that there are changes and old TT members that have been around a long, long time are going to have to make adjustments. Quite honestly, some of the changes I really like... Some changes, well, not so much -but- ce las vie!! ...

LOL, about your comment with respect to VY and asking where Vinny is...

I don't, nor will I ever "lump" everyone together, especially as it relates to VY. I have too many friends and family that are 'sips, so I know better.....

Thanks for your input, now lets get back to discussin whether VY will be affected by the so-called "Madden jinx" or even the "Sophomore jinx" or if he will struggle this year based on the Flaming Meatball's inactivity this off-season...
ok so we are getting somewhere. I look forward to you having my back when I slam Vinny in VY threads! Now, if you hate certain things about this site then list them, we are always looking for ways to improve it. It's built by the fans for the fans. We have no agenda other than making this site fan friendly. As far as you old TT motherboarder goes (I'll just call you TT mothers!), I understand your loss, but after I clear a few things on my list I want to address your issues about not having your posts from the previous board. Both of the systems run on the same type of database so there might be a way to import that data into it's own sub category here on this message board. We are also looking into a way that you TT mothers can have an area for smack talk. Please be patient though, we might not get to right away, but it is definitely on the list of things to do.
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