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Save it Overalls. Texans Talk as you knew it, no longer exists. So, that means if the people who are now in charge says Vince walks on water, Vince walks on water....

BUT he still can't throw... Chuck Knoblauch thinks thats messed up....

Our rushing game improved, because really it had no other direction to go...

Overalls, "freedom" is a state of mind......
Someone's been watching too much "Braveheart". "Freedoooooooooooommm". Please. Yes Texans Talk as you knew it doesn't exist, and hopefully it becomes better. This is a fan site, supported by fans. What are your suggestions for improvements? Our ears are open. We can put it to a poll and let the fans decide.

And Vince Young doesn't walk on water, he walks on luck. (<---notice the hatred for VY?) Don't lump everyone into this category, it makes my stomach turn. Where's Vinny, I need to argue with him to make myself feel better.
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