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Our rushing game improved toward the end of the year also, but we never changed QBs.

I can't believe I have to argue with the "Vince walks on water people" on Texans Talk and it not be in a smack section with a TENNhead.

How the mighty freedom board has fallen.
I take issue to this. We've spent a lot of time and effort to make this site better. Wow big deal that you have to clean up your potty mouth a little. I am as big a VY hater as anyone and continually argue that point. I've am one Vinny's oldest foes when it comes to verbal jarring, we still constantly get into it. The only difference is that we cleaned it up a bit, there are young people on the internet as well. I wouldn't open a smack off with Vinny if we were face to face and my children were sitting there watching me. It's no different on the internet. You can still be respectful, it's not that hard.
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