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Default Extremely early draft prediction.

How it looks for the draft. - This is only my opinion.

I know... i know.... Really early for this... but here is the picture as of right now, two games out from end of regular season.

Currently 3 teams are out of it from us... meaning, they have worse records right now even if we lost the last two games and they won them.
(San Fran, Cleveland, Miami)

that means the best draft pick we could get is 4th (not counting ties going to schedule difficulty).

Actually, if Tennesse won both and we lost both, they would tie us, and still fall behind us making the best we could hope for is 5th in the draft.

Whew... that being said.. it gets alot harder...

8 teams right now are 5 and 9. that means they would have to win at least one game, we would have to lose a game and then either both win or both lose (not counting schedule difficulty concerning a tie). Odds are 5-6 of those wont make it past us... so that would make us having at least a pick number around 11th.

There are six 6-8 teams including us. Odds are will be 3 will drop and 3 will excel. Draft number around 14th.

One 7 and 7 (seattle) will probably lose to Atlanta and win to the Cards. We would have to win both games if they won the one for a tie (then be up to strength of schedule) Good chance, based on thier performance has been horrible the last few games and playing with no confidence. Draft Number 15

Six of the teams are 8 and 6 including the Jags. We would have to win both with them losing both for us to have a chance based on strength of schedule. Maybe one might drop... Draft Number 16.

Soooo... my estimate for draft number. We will get the 16th pick in the draft..

Thoughts?/ Agree?? Where do you think it might fall and why?
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