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Originally Posted by Double Barrel View Post
I'll always be a Houston Oilers fan...or at least a fan of the memories. It was a successful NFL team that was dear to the city, and we have no reason to be ashamed of the history or our passion for the team.

But they are not, and never were, Tennessee Titans. The players they attempt to honor are just going through the motions of accepting awards from a former employer, but not team. Just because an owner can keep records of a company (i.e. franchise), he can't take the history and memories. Those are for us, hometown fans.

I'd feel more sorry for Titans fans in Tennessee that will forever have to be reminded of records from an era they have no connection to, no memory of, and no emotional ties about. They can see the name Earl Campbell and look at number on paper or stone, but they have absolutely no depth about what he meant to football and this city. It was magical, and I would trade it for nothing.

I'm glad the Titans are associated with the great Houston Oilers players like Warren Moon, Earl Campbell, Earnest Givens, George Blanda.....
and Blaine Bishop, Bruce Matthews, Steve McNair and Frank Wycheck, Eddie George (all ex-titan players)

I'm proud of the Houston Oilers history
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