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Thumbs up Mock 2nd round draft pick

2nd Round

33.San Francisco 49erís-DT Orien Harris, 6-4 300 lbs. 4.8-Miami(Fla.) HurricanesAfter getting a QB in Drew Brees and someone to block for him in Jammal Brown, they start working the Defense and most important, the D-Line. Just like in Dallas, they grab a very good DT now instead of wait and be a tutor under the current player which is in San Fran, Bryant Young. Harris will do a amazing job under Young and will turn out to be a great player in San Fran.

34.Philadelphia Eagles-ILB Channing Crowder, 6-3 245 lbs. 4.6-Florida GatorsCrowder has had knee problems which makes it the only reason why drops to the #2 ILB. But Philly needs help there badly and Crowder should do well in Philly under the blitz mastermind, Joe Johnson.

35.Cleveland Browns-SS Donte Nicholson, 6-2 216 lbs. 4.48-Oklahoma SoonersAfter grabbing DíBrickashaw in Round 1 and Hoven in FA, a future SS is the next need. Someone for when Griffth leaves like Nicholson will be a great pick here in the 2nd Round.

36.Arizona Cardinals-RB Ronnie Brown, 6-1 224 lbs. 4.45-Auburn TigersďHow does he fall to usĒ the coach sitting in Arizona Cardinals War Room will say. Denny Green will probly sh;t himself when he grabs Leinart and Brown. Ronnie Brown is a amazing RB and great reciver out of the backfield. Will replace Emmit after next year and will learn under one of the greatest, if not the greatest, of all-time.

37.Tennessee Titans-OT Marcus McNeill, 6-9 340 lbs. 5.05-Auburn TigersThis guy is huge, and aint that slow for being so big. After getting a WR to go with Calico in Edwards, they get some blocking for Volek to throw it to them. McNeill will do a amazing job in Tennessee.

38.Green Bay Packers(from Saints;Redskins)-DE Dan Cody, 6-5 270 lbs. 4.75-Oklahoma SoonersCan play OLB if needed too, but they pass on him in the 1st round and still get him in the 2nd. Jones and Cody will greatly improve this defense to go on with the great offense. Cody is a good DE with good pro potential. Wonít be wonít the other 4 will be but will always be right behind.

39.Oakland Raiders-WR Troy Williamson, 6-2 200lbs. 4.4-South Carolina GamethingysIíve been one of the major watchers of this guy and he finally declares and will be great for the Raiders. They will be happy they pass on Mark Clayton for Benson and getting Williamson in the 2nd Round.

40.Tampa Bay Buccaneers-OT Andrew Whitworth, 6-7 325 lbs. 4.95-LSU TigersAfter getting a future RB, they get someone to block for him. Whitworth is a great talent and is very strong but, not to athletic. They can work on that though and they will need to with a RB that is going to like off-tackle plays and pitches with speed and elusiveness.

41.Chicago Bears-OLB Daryl Blackstock, 6-4 240 lbs. 4.7-Virginia CavilersHas been shadowed a bit by Ahmad Brooks and Heath Miller, but still a great talent. The Bears have always loved a strong Defense and after getting they WR, some help for Urlacher should be the next need. Blackstock is a amazing pass rusher and you will see him and Urlacher coming at the QB a lot together.

42.Miami Dolphins-OT Jon Scott, 6-7 305 lbs. 4.95-Texas LonghornsAfter getting a QB, they need someone to block for him. They will get a RB with they next pick coming up and hope DeAngelo is still left. Scott though is a athletic but does need to build a bit more strength.

43.Houston Texans-FS Brodney Pool, 6-3 208 lbs. 4.5-Oklahoma SoonersPlays a lil more like CB with his speed and athleticism but hits a lil better. Isnít a Roy Williams or even Nicholson when it comes to hitting been good enough to be a solid safety in the NFL. Getting a good run stopping DE and pass rusher in Spears and then get a good Safety in Pool to come immediately and play, well.

44.Detroit Lions-DT Travis Johnson, 6-5 290 lbs. 4.7-Florida State Seminoles After getting Woodson and Thomas Davis, they secondry is set for a long time. Not believe Everett or Alex Smith(TE) are good enough to be taking here, they get a back-up a partner for Rogers for yearís to come. Johnson is very athletic and has had injury problems, but will be great in Detroit with a strong supporting cast.

45.Oakland Raiders-CB Carlos Rogers, 6-1 194 lbs. 4.45-Auburn TigersIs fast and has good size and is very athletic. Is a good shut down CB but isnít that great of a tackler and needs to get into the Raider weight room immediately. He will be a great replacement for Woodson and the Raiders D shouldnít drop to much if at all.

46.New York Giants-OG Marcus Johnson, 6-6 320 lbs. 4.9-Ole Mississippi RebelsHas good size and speed but does need to get a lil stronger and athletic. Giants biggest need is protection for Eli. Next year though donít be surprised to see them trade up if they aint in the top 5 for the best WR in the draft to replace Toomer and Hillard. And remember, has already blocked for Eli before.

47.Kansas City Chiefs-ILB Abdul Hodge, 6-2 232 lbs. 4.6-Iowa HawkeyesVery fast, athletic, and when he hits you, feels like a car. Really needs to get stronger though relying on his speed to make the big hits. After getting Simmons and Jackson, this defense will finally be good if not great.

48.Miami Dolphins-RB DeAngelo Williams, 5-10 217 lbs. 4.5-Memphis TigersHas amazing vision like Cadillac and rookie RB Julius Jones. If he gains 3 lbs. to 220 and getís stronger, could be the next LT with his size in other words great vision, great speed, elusive, can catch out of the backfield, can take hit, and can give a stiff arm when needed. Miami gets they offense back together with this draft.

49.San Francisco 49erís-DE/OLB Justin Tuck, 6-5 261 lbs. 4.56-Notre Dame Fighting IrishThey trade up a bit and grab a guy to help out 2 postions that need help in San Fran. Tuck is a amazing pass rusher with amazing speed. Needs to get stronger though if he wants to not get shoved around on the run. Could suit as a better LB with his speed and not much strength.

50.Cincinnati Bengals-CB Bryant McFadden, 6-0 186 lbs. 4.5-Florida State SeminolesBeing a great tackler and very athletic, his only problem is speed. Bengals though after Simon and Brooks, they only need a CB to complete the improvement of this D. Bengals will finally be back to the playoffs and never know, maybe even Super Bowl.

51.Seattle Seahawks-QB Andrew Walter, 6-5 235 lbs. 4.85-Arizona State Sun DevilsIs very smart, great strength, and has great size and can scramble when needed. He did play in a pass happy offense and now is getting shoulder surgery. After trading Hasselback and getting Ruud this is they biggest need.

52.Minnesota Vikings-OLB Michael Boley, 6-3 218 lbs. 4.58-Southern Mississippi Golden EaglesA great coverage LB, pass rusher, and has great speed. He defiantly needs to bulk up though and add at least 30 more lbs. Will be solid in the NFL, maybe even a possible switch safety.

53.Buffalo Bills-TE Kevin Everett, 6-6 251 lbs. 4.77-Miami(Fla.) HurricanesAfter moving up to get Baas, they now can grab a TE. Has good size, great hands, and is very athletic. Needs to become a better blocker though and currently is only a passing TE and should defiantly have 2 TEís to back him up to block on run plays.

54.Jacksonville Jaguars-CB Will Blackmon, 6-0 202 lbs. 4.45-Boston College EaglesIs a great return man and has good size, speed and athleticism. He also did very good against Fitz in í03. He does need to gain about 10 lbs. though but if he can get those 10 should be a great CB years to come.

55.Denver Broncos-QB Alex Smith, 6-4 212 lbs. 4.75-Utah UtesAfter getting Cody, biggest need is a QB for the future. Smith has it all I believe. Speed, a field general, smart player(knows when and where to throw it), amazing accuracy, and can move when needed include breaking even huge runs. He does need more arm power though and could use another 10 lbs. but who can argue with 28 passing TDís, 10 Rushing TDís and only 4 INTís.

56.Houston Texans-DT Gabe Watson, 6-4 333 lbs. 5.0-Michigan WolverinesNot needing much else after FS and DE, they trade up to get a good 3-4 DT in Watson. He is still learning but has good size, strength, and very athletic for his size. Will be a soild 3-4 DT in Houston with Marcus Spears next to him.

57.Baltimore Ravens-DT Haloti Ngata, 6-5 345 lbs. 4.87-Oregon DucksAfter grabbing a WR and keeping McAllister, they need a better DT. Ngata is big but falls this fall due to his knee injury, which he hasnít had much playing time from. Should be good though in a 3-4 D with his size.

58.San Francisco 49erís-ILB Lance Mitchell, 6-3 244 lbs. 4.8-Oklahoma SoonersHas had knee problems but after getting a QB(Brees), OT, DT and a DE/OLB this is their only need left. Is athletic with good size and strength but slow because of the knee injury. Needs to strength his knee up in San Fran.

59.Atlanta Falcons-ILB Odell thereman, 6-1 235 lbs. 4.7-Georgia BulldogsAfter getting Saturday in FA and Jimmy Williams in the 1st Round, with no great OTís left, they need a ILB. thereman is athletic, tough, and a good tackler but has only average size and speed. Maybe bulk up 10 lbs. to make up for the height and that could make him a lot better.

60.New York Jets-SS Ernest Shazor, 6-4 226 lbs. 4.45-Michigan WolverinesGreat tackler with great speed, size, and very athletic. He is still young though but the Jets would be getting a great player here, espically so late in the 2nd Round.

61.Indianapolis Colts-CB Antonio Perkins, 6-0 190 lbs. 4.35-Oklahoma SoonersAmazing returner, great speed, and very athletic. Has good size but still needs to get stronger to like 205 lbs. and learn how to tackle better. If he could tackle better, he would be a 1st Rounder. After grabbing Hawthorne, Perkins is a only need in Indy.

62.Minnesota Vikings-K Mike Nugent, 5-10 180 lbs. 4.7-Ohio State BuckeyesVikings not needing anything after a OLB and CB, trade up for the best kicker in the draft. Pats trade out needing just depth and all the top CBís gone. Has amazing power and deals with clutch situations amazingly. He is also great on kick-offs but could be a lil better with his mechanics.

63.Philadelphia Eagles-QB Charlie Frye, 6-4 228 lbs. 4.6-Arkon ZipsIs very accurate, good size, great speed, good field general, and durable. Lacks a arm though and needs to get stronger. Hasnít played many good teams but without any other needs and old back-ups behind McNabb, they grab a guy who can back McNabb up and maybe even someday start.64.Pittsburgh Steelers-OT Mike Munoz, 6-6 315 lbs. 5.2-Tennessee VolunteersAfter getting Heath, they only need a OT for the future and without much left in the draft, this is a obvious pick. Munoz is not the strongest or most athletic guy but is a good leader, never gives up, and has good size.

64.Pittsburgh Steelers-OT Mike Munoz, 6-6 315 lbs. 5.2-Tennessee VolunteersAfter getting Heath, they only need a OT for the future and without much left in the draft, this is a obvious pick. Munoz is not the strongest or most athletic guy but is a good leader, never gives up, and has good size.
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