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Originally Posted by done88
Looks like ESPN thinks Palmer is going to open up the offense.

"That starts by emptying out Palmer's playbook, which hadn't been fully implemented until now because of the personnel fluctuations.
If the offense -- which ranked last in 2002 and next-to-last in 2003 -- indeed steps it up, the first casualty could be Carr's coif."

Does this mean more passes down the field? Might we see AJ run more reverse's? Will Davis throw a pass? to Carr? On 1st and more then ten will the Texans run something other then the draw?

I'm really excited to see what he has up his sleeve. We've heard what an offensive genius he is. I hope they open it up and we get some extream excitement.
Oh yeah, I am really looking forward to Carr becoming a receiving threat.
I have nothing against an occasional trick play, but if the Texans begin executing the plays they have been running they will do just fine.
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