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Lets just break it down

Houston/Jacksonville-will be the game of the AFC next week. If the Texans can play like they did in the first meeting against them, they should be able to pull it out in a tough matchup.

Tennessee/Denver- Denver looked like **** last week and Tennessee at home on primetime with the way that offense is playing will be tough to stop.

Pittsburgh/Baltimore- Pitt wants to win this game, Baltimore needs to win this game. Pittsburgh is just too good defensively to let Baltimore do anything against them. Pitt can take this, but sets up a HUGE problem week on

Buffalo/San Francisco-This is going to be the biggest problem for the Texans chances. Remember, there is such parity in the nfl that anyone can win on any given week (Dolphins last night). It'll be interesting to see the Bills without McGahee and thats why I think SF has a shot.

week 17

Houston/Cleveland- Assuming everything goes plan this sunday, the fans, coaches, and players know that they're still in the hunt and can possibly clinch with another weird week. Cleveland is just plain terrible. They might be the worst team since the 1-15 panthers of 2001. Texans will be scoreboard watching all game long.

Miami/Baltimore- After looking at 3 games (Baltimore/KC, Baltimore/Indy, Baltimore/Cleveland (week1), the Ravens struggle to put up anything against relatively bad defenses. Miami is not a walk through game. They proved over the last couple of weeks that they can be a trap for any team hoping to get in the playoffs. should be fun to watch either way.

Pittsburgh/Buffalo-Okay, here's the problem I spoke of. Pitt needs to win week 16 if the Texans still want a shot. If they beat Baltimore, which the Texans need, they will have clinched home field throughout the playoffs. That means more than likely, Cowher is going to rest up all of his starters and keep them fresh for the playoff game which is much more important to him. Still, I feel without McGahee, and Big Ben playing at least 1/2 of the game, the Steelers can take this thing.

Oakland/Jacksonville- tough to call. This game is in Oakland and Kerry Collins has been on fire lately. That defense is not a pushover either, they have quality talent and will likely try to end the season on a great note, beating the Jaguars and ending playoff hopes.

Indianapolis/Denver- Depending on how long Manning plays this one will determine the winner of the game. I just don't see the Colts losing again this year.
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