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Originally Posted by CaptainPatriot
Carr doesn't have it! EXAMPLE: When the game last week was on the line.On that 3rd and 3 with about 5 minutes to go in the 4th against the DIVISON LEADERS. He froze!! Like deer in head lights! Carr could have run for the 1st down but he just stayed still and got sacked. People keep saying he needs more time. We will be saying that for the rest of his contract! (I Don't want to hear it. Eli did pretty good for only his 5th game against 1 of the best defenses in the league.)
HERE IS THE CHRISTMAS WISH:1st Trade or Release David Carr. Bring in Jon Kitna from Cincy. Look at what he did last yr on a BAD Team.With the freed up money from Carr go and get the 2 offensive Linemen from the Colts I think they are free agents after this season. Only 9 sacks givin up on Payton all yr!Colts can't afford them now with Peyton and Harrison contracts Plus that would take care of those darn false starts like the 5 from last week! Same as the 1st yr. Also heard Capers on 610 talking about because of the false start they had to go on 1st count. What is that! You are at home. How can you have 5 false starts at home?
Captain Patriot...congratulations. After reading many, many posts on this board, you finally posted the most decisively *****IC post EVER. DROP/TRADE Carr and acquire KITNA. Okay...besides the fact that the best substantiated argument would have involved Brees (after this season's performance) anyone that doesn't think Carr is the right QB for the Texans is a pure *****. Why don't you just start a petition for us to get Ryan Leaf out of retirement. Ooo...and trade our 1st round pick for Ron Dayne.
Better yet...maybe Snyder should buy out McNair so he can clean house every year. Dumb is funny and you're a comedian. Oh yeah...and move Mutombo to the 2.

Drugs are bad....mmmkay.
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