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Originally Posted by Grid

And look at our Offense.. we have most of what we need. Our Oline is struggling but I think that has as much to do with their lack of experience together as it does with a lack of talent. Wiegert has shown he can be a good lineman.. Pitts has shown he can be a good lineman.. Wade was a good lineman in Miami.. and Wand looks pretty good as well. The only weakness may be McKinney. But the chances of us getting a better Center in the 3rd or 4th round are slim. We could get a good Center in those rounds and start GROOMING him to be our center, but he wont make an immediate impact.
I thought Todd Wade and Steve McKinney are the two strongest spots on the offensive line. The right side has played pretty well.... The left side of the line has been trash this year.

I agree with your assumption that we need more star players on the defensive side of the ball, specifically a linebacker. Depth is always good, but there isnt a huge drop from our starters and our subs, because of the fact that our starters are not all that great in most spots on this team.
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