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Originally Posted by LiveForTheGame
I didn't see the play last week that CaptainPatriot is talking about. However, I am going to blindly stand up for the kid. I've been a Carr fan since I watched one of the Fresno games his senior season so I'm biased towards him. Even with that said, maybe he didn't try to run because he was looking downfield for a receiver to get open and didn't see he could run for the first down (I didn't see the play so I don't know). It's not like he ran around in panic while making a stupid mistake. Eli did have a good game, but he is also on a team that isn't an expansion team. Same with Roethlisberger (he's doing great as a rookie but his experienced team takes some pressure off). Are you going to say that Joe Montana wasn't the answer when he took a sack late in a game instead of running and making something happen or the same with every other hall of fame QB. You may have the luxury of having a once in a lifetime winner like Brady (let's through him in the same situation and see how great he does), but I'll take the leadership and toughness from Carr just as well.
Right now for Carr. When the game is on the line he doesn't have it. Last yr or this yr. He can't read defenses and he doesn't trust his O Line. Montana and Brady jusy have it. They know how to move the football late in the game.Brady is 1 of the toughest QB`s out there. There are alot of times Brady will wait till the last minute to make a throw and knowing he will take a hit by a blitzing LB. Be put on his back only knowing the pass was completed because of the roar of the crowd! That makes the O line play harder! Montana and Brady make it look so easy on last drives of the game. It is very hard! There is nothing special about the PATS O Line. They are very disiplined and have big hearts! I keep hoping that Carr will eventually get the so called "IT". I think what will make it easier for him. Is to look for the TE more like he did his rookie yr. Look for Andre inside the red zone and just trow it up there 9 out of 10 time s he will come down with it. No way Andre should only have 5 TD`S !!! This week against JAGS will be a great test for Carr on the road. Go TEXANS!!
PATS are Reloading! ;-)
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