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Originally Posted by RWBinJax

I don't think anyone liked DD's hit on Ferg. Least of all, Jag's DT John Henderson. He chewed Darius out big time.

Since Darius does NOT have a history of cheap shots and since he was visibly upset by the injury, I think it was unintentional. This will not stop the fine, which he deserves.

In the meantime, let's hope for a good game,

By the way, it sort of depends on which side you are on when it comes to who is the "dirt bag." No offense meant, just an observation.
As with the hit on JJ Moses all i saw was your head coach giving the ol' atta boy to DD. And it does depend on which side of the ball your on to recognize dirty play. As a homer I dont expect you to notice at all, but trust me the league is starting to take notice. If it were just the Texans complaining it would be one thing but the Jags are on several NFL teams s*** list. Did you think DD was going to say "Yup, I did it on purpose." Give me a break! Look at the replay and honestly tell me he didn't forearm that dude on purpose. pleeeease. This is nothing new in the NFL. The Raiders held the dirty play distinction for years and has since been overtaken by the Broncos and Jags.
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