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You touch on some good points there. I've done a fair bit of reading on the zone blocking scheme since the news came out and have drawn a few conclusions. The first is a bit of a mythbuster in that I don't believe we're trying to emulate denver's OL blocking scheme. While denver is credited as the most successful zone blocking team, there are plenty of teams using it that do not use <300lb lineman to make it work.

While the zone-blocking scheme does take more coordination, it does not require the OLmen to be psychic. Most of the comments about 'communication, coordination, and continuity' being of great demand in the zone-blocking scheme, come from the tandem blocks involving the T and G. This page describes the handoff very well based on which way the DT (referred to as 'color') moves (originally posted on HPF.) Zone blocking requires new techniques to be learned, but I'm not entirely convinced that they are any more difficult to pick up then any other scheme.

I agree that it will take the line sometime to learn and gel in the new scheme, but given that 3 of our 5 projected starters are learning a new system or position anyway this seems to be a particulary efficient time to introduce it.

Last point is that I think that the decision to convert to this scheme isn't based our OL personnel, instead I think it could be very complentary to Davis's particular running style. Once successfully implemented I think that Dominick will do a great job of finding and hitting the cutback lanes that it is intended to create.
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