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What has me posturing a little is the new zone blocking scheme that Palmer and Pendry are installing this year. And forget mentioning the Broncos - who cares if that system is what Denver already has. They are not the Texans. Everything is different. This is a diffferent coaching staff, quarterback, and this is a much bigger technical shift in the immediate short term for the line to make. Bigger is not necessarily better for an offensive lineman, I entirely understand, but this type of play requires a great deal of communication, coordination, and continuity that takes time to develope.

From all looks and sounds of it Wand will be the starter at LT. I am excited at his upside as I think that everyone is, and rightly so. But I am concerned. At times I think that the zone run blocking will work but it will take time to gel. It will eventually come to pass that every man will know what his and his teammates offensive assignments are - without question. Untill that point in time arrives there is a dis-belief or a lack of believing that goes through a players head. There are unanswered questions that take practice and patience to work through, "Does Weigert know to do this, or does Wade know to do that?" And those questions run right up the flagpole and effect what plays or decisions the coaching staff can or will make. So it effects the entire flow of the offense and consequently the game as a whole. Throughout this learning curve it may just be better to stick to the basics. Keep it simple. It is relaitively boring and predictable but I think that we'd be better off just blowing people off the ball untill everyone is comfortable with the man next to him. And I'm sure that they will.
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