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Originally Posted by Speedy
If I'm understanding the tie-breaking procedures correctly, the Texans make the playoffs if:

Texans win final 2 games


Buffalo, Baltimore, Denver and Jacksonville all lose their remaining games


Kansas City wins their final 2 games


Cincinnati loses at least one.
I don't think that is correct. I don't see where KC or Cincy effects our playoff chances.

Lets assume that Baltimore, Buffalo, Jacksonville, Denver and Houston are all tied at 8-8.

3+ way Tiebreakers

1. Record

2 Sweeps
a. Did anyone sweep all of the teams in the tiebreaker? No
b. Did anyone lose to all of the teams in the tiebreaker (eliminating themselves in the process)? No

Conference Records
Team/Record/Conf. Record
Houston 8-8 7-5
Balt. 8-8 5-7
Buffalo 8-8 5-7
Denver 8-8 5-7
Jack. 8-8 5-7
KC 8-8 7-5
Cinci 8-8 4-8

If KC loses a game, then we have the best conference record and would advance. If KC wins both games, then we would check tiebreakers with KC (since both are 7-5 in the conference) to determine who would advance. Since we beat them, we would go.

It is my understanding that we need Balt., Buffalo, Denver, and Jacksonville to lose them all and for us to win out.
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