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I voted for DR and think he is superb. One thing kind of bothered me though, or just kinda rubbed me the wrong way and I really just want to say this...hoping I'm wrong. In his interview tonight with Bob Allen on "Inside the Game", he told Bob Allen that he thought he definately deserved to be voted for the Pro-B. I think we all agree.
i'm glad he said something like that. if you want to be a shut down corner in this league you have to have a little swagger. that is something that we don't have, hopefully he will keep that attitude, but not get to extreme. you have to have that confidence that the other team can't even look to your side, that is what a true shut down corner does. i do have a problem with what carr said, hopefully the guys that said that were the offensive linemen so we can have a reason to get rid of them.

He may be the only CB in the league that has the potential to get in your head like an SS or FS would.
that might be a bit premature, he has the ability to get to that level, but i wouldn't put him their yet.
"He's a bad dude, I'd like to have him in our arsenal. I'd never run the ball."

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