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I voted for DR and think he is superb. One thing kind of bothered me though, or just kinda rubbed me the wrong way and I really just want to say this...hoping I'm wrong. In his interview tonight with Bob Allen on "Inside the Game", he told Bob Allen that he thought he definately deserved to be voted for the Pro-B. I think we all agree.
But, his demeanor seemed on the edge of being arrogant, and Bob Allen (whom I don't always agree with) at one point asked him to "in the future, don't refer to yourself in the 3rd person). I'm a huge fan of DR, but watching him in this interview....he reminded me of self-back-patting players on other teams.
Also, I read game caps on several sites and David C. was quoted saying that "several of the guys on the team said it was too cold and just wanted to go home, but they stuck it out FOR ME"!
Guys....whether it be David Carr, Dunta, etc. Get it right.
I have many years of experience in the corporate world and have always had a problem when a person in leadership refers to anything that refers to "my, mine or doing it for me".
Learn to use "ours, we, and us" instead of "me, I, mine, and myself". I think it is arrogant for people in leadership positions, or otherwise to not know the difference in how to speak, when speaking for or about a "TEAM".
Team...when speaking out...speak as a TEAM MEMBER, not an individual. It comes across wrong. THERE IS NO "I, OR ME" IN TEAM".
It is a Team, whether you win or lose! I seem to hear alot more of "we and us" when the team doesn't do well, but when the really do great.....well..It's all about ME.

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