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Originally Posted by Cheroqui
I just want a few opinions on what you guys think is happening to us? I know the D needs to tighten up but then again we seem to get a pick-off or fumble a game so is it really that bad? Everyone says the O-line; which does need correction, but when it comes down to it, by the time we get done picking apart both sides of the ball the whole message board will have created a whole new team! We have so much talent, we are just using it wrong.
So my question is this. Game to game I thought I happened to notice something. Houston can't read defense or have a gameplan as to what plays to call and when (situational or specific to downs). I watch these guys every week and they seem to have a "let's try it", approach to the game. We ask to get our TE in the game, dump off's and screens to Davis, deep passes to a well know threat in Andre (who will most likely be double covered), and that's what we get each time... one or the other. Instead of mixing all of these things up every game, or reading the D and picking them apart, it seems we decide on one approach and stick to it the whole game, every game. What do you guys think? Is that about right? One approach etched in stone a game, not knowing how to read D to move the ball? or is it something else?
You will hate me for this, but its a reflection of a coach who can not think on his feet. He can not deviate from his plan and that's why he's constantly taking notes on why things didn't work, instead of focusing on the game at hand. Again, I had a brilliant Accounting Professor in College who could simply not adapt in front of people if something went wrong with his presentation. When he could write and review he was absolutely brilliant and seldom wrong. I have seen many people who are this way and that's one of the reasons I believe we need a new head coach. Everything Capers does has a precise order and if it doesn't go that way he's lost. At least that's the way it appears to me. That is no reflection on the man personally that's just the way I believe he thinks and works. We had a basket ball coach by the name of Ed Gregory at Fresno State who later worked with the SF Warriors and the likes. He had the same problem and was replaced by a man by the name of Boyd Grant. He became quiet famous at Fresno State. Boyd was an excellent game general, but I suspect tactically speaking Ed was sharper. But Ed was not a good game general. Capers is an excellent tactition and knows how to design defenses, but he's not a general.
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