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Originally Posted by astrofan
Green Bay (leads division)
St. Louis (second)
Minnesota (second)
Dolts (leads)
Phillie (leads)
Seattle (leads)

nevermind, passing teams suck
I know, lets draft Matt Jones and run the ball every play
St Louis (6-7) second just ahead of powerhouses Arizona and SF - yes they do suck.

Minnesota 7-6 second just ahead of Chicago and Detroit - going no where in a hurry

Seattle - leads division just ahead of St. Louis (see above) - about to get head coach fired.

You could say some of the same for leading running teams
Atlanta 10-3 clinched division
Pittsburgh 12-1 clinched division
Jets 9-4 second, likely to make playoffs
New England 12-1

By the way, Kansas City makes both list. So in conclusion, Having a really dominating defense is the MOST IMPORTANT.
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