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The following is a private Email message I received from Vinny in November of this year.

You are a good man Ibar. I find myself too harsh with you sometimes. I just wanted you to know that while I may be brutally blunt, I respect you. I know that doesn't come thru on my posts, but I find you very tolerant and people like you make me think from time to time.

I'm glad you post your thoughts here. Even if I don't agree with them. I find your disposition something I can learn from at times.


I hope Vinny believes this, because I think its an important message for all of us who post here. I furvently believe what I believe. I try not to degrade others for what they believe, but sometimes in the heat of battle we say things we don't mean. I truely believe we have a very big coaching problem and there are lots of statements and things coming out which I think really begin to point to this. Others do not feel that way and its important we all express are views and why. What others say is their belief and that should be alright. We all have a very different perspective of what we see. A fan has posted an interesting piece tonight on the Web about the Audibles. To me its very interesting. A lot of fans are very frustrated with this year's performance. Its not that we are loosing, its how we are loosing. Nobody was unhappy at the end of last year when we lost the close one's, because it looked like we were close and our team had tried its best to win, but a break here or there made the difference. Why with all of the injuries and replacement players did we play better at the end of last year than we are now? God bless all of you and the Texans.
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