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Default Houston's Massive Front Line

McKinney is the smallest guy on the Texan's front line. He's the runt - if you will. That may not mean anything to you unless you realize that Steve is an enormous 6-4 305 lbs. Have you ever stood beside a man that large? You feel like his shadow. He always appeared to me to be the model of Houston's o-line consistency and now he has some big boys to work with in the Sunday trenches. For what this is worth and provided that Wand holds down the left tackle position, just look at how big this line will appear to an opposing defense.

LT Seth Wand 6'7 327 lbs.
LG Chester Pitts 6'3 320 lbs.
C Steve McKinney 6'4 305 lbs.
RG Zach Weigert 6'5 309 lbs.
RT Todd Wade 6'8 315 lbs.

That's nearly 1,600 lbs and a whole lota man to have on front of you. Would you want to face that on a Sunday afternoon? Offensively I believe that we will be much much better. I also think that Dominick Davis will have a splendid year. I can't wait for the season to start. :pickle:
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